Thursday, 1 December 2011

Smoke breaks

Sorry for the lack of interviews lately.  My dad has been going through a tough time.  He has been coughing nonstop for the past few weeks.  After several visits to the doctor, his health has improved a great deal and he has been coughing a lot less, but he hasn't made a full recovery yet.

My dad is a smoker, but due to this cough, I think he has stopped in the meantime.  It's likely he'll return to old habits once the cough has passed, but I think that's a slippery slope.

On vacation in France last year, my cousin Hing and I talked about the Khmer Rouge regime a bit.

He told me the reason my dad smoked was because of the regime.

My dad, as well as many other workers, were nearly worked to death during the regime.  The only way they were able to rest was to take a smoke break.

My dad didn't smoke at the time, but the more breaks he took, the more he smoked.  He's been smoking for over 30 years.

I look at my dad and my heart aches.  He's had a hard life and I just want to make things easier for him, but instead I feel helpless.

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